"I have received fabulous feedback from my staff about your presentation and how enjoyable it was. Not only were they impressed with your magical talent, but they also enjoyed the way you built humor into it."
                                                                                               — Lori Smith
                                                                                      Carnegie Insurance

"BEYOND BELIEF! How'd he do that? That was impossible! Totally Mind-boggling!!!! Is what everyone was saying after your performance at out birthday-bash. You kept every guest spellbound and I have the photos of all the open mouths to prove it!"
  — Kenney & Kenney Real Estate Consultants

"Thank you for the wonderful magic show you gave us during our training lunch. We were all surprised with your act, one of the best I've seen! I will definitely use your services again at one of my future events."
                                                                            — Gloria Gilpatrick
                                                                          Blue Cross of California

Our party was truly a success much in part to your contribution to the afternoon, allowing everyone to relax into a party atmosphere, instead of a business function. Your professionalism, sense of humor and the delight and surprise brought to our employees by your magic made our party the most memorable one we have had. We will recommend you highly throughout our company.
                                                                                  — Susan Porta
                                                                    Senior Vice President