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This new book features stories written and told by world famous magicians of today and of the past describing horror stories from the road, technical problems, hecklers, lost props, fire, animal mishaps, and unplanned miracles. Whether you're a magician or a non-magician, this book will give you an enjoyable inside look into what happens to the pros while they travel and work within the world of magic. Included are two of my very own stories from my many years of performing.

Over 75 contributors, over 100 stories, beautifully illustrated, completely in full-color and over 250 pages of incredible stories, crazy facts, great anecdotes and fantastic tales about famous magicians of the past and present.

In addition to my stories, you will also read accounts from the careers of magicians such as Houdini, Doug Henning, Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Tommy Cooper, Harry & Gay Blackstone, Billy McComb, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Mike Finney, and so many more.

You are going to LOVE this book!

Compiled by Ivan Amodei

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